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Makaira's team made their way to the beautiful islands of the Bahamas this summer. With one of the first tropical storms of the season approaching, our departure out of Islamorada was delayed by a few days. This allowed for more of a relaxing provisioning schedule. Departing Islamorada, there were a few pop-up storms we would dodge and navigate around, but seas were good. I always get goosebumps when first arriving to the Bahama Bank. There is something so pure and amazing when you first see the beautiful electric teal waters of the Bahamas. Your heart is suddenly full of pure bliss and excitement. Upon checking in to Chub Cay, we were greeted with high winds and torrential downpour, but alas, we were in the Bahamas. First meal of course was Bahamian Cracked Conch. Can't go wrong with that EVER and I only eat it there! Fishing for a day in the Pocket is always fun, but we were more focused to go underway to Cape Eleuthera to pick up more family. I have not visited the southern end of Eleuthera before and we were all very excited to test the new fishing grounds. I love fishing in the Bahamas! Navigating the waters and hunting large fish is the best adventure anyone can go on. After a few days in Cape Eleuthera, we head towards Cat Island, which is my FAVORITE island to fish out of. Everything about the Out Islands is pure Bahamas to me. The stories, people, marinas, fish, everything. I have always caught Blue Marlin, Wahoo, Mahi and Tuna when I fish out of Cat and this summer did not disappoint. Trolling past Rum typically is awesome, but our luck was out for the day I guess. I have always caught large fish there as well. Next stop was Long Island. By this time, we were tired and decided to have a lay day and adventure the island a bit. They have the most beautiful beaches on Long Island. The next night, we went on the hook by Cape Santa Maria as a jump off point to return to Emerald Bay on Great Exuma. It is so peaceful in the bay with the sunset and sea breeze. As we wake and pull anchor, I be sure to always troll to Great Exuma. I have almost always caught large Mahi and even a Marlin on this crossing. I don't care how tired I am, I won't miss out on this troll.

As we arrive to Emerald Bay, we are greeted by more family members. We use this location for a drop off and jump point for family and friends coming or going. The island is awesome, the airport typically has good flights too. I am not fond of the surge in this marina though, so be sure to tie up tight! The kids love staying here due to the nice pool at Grand Isle and they get some quality pool time in. Plus, it's nice to relax and clean the boat up after a week of fishing. We headed back to Cat Island once again due to its amazing fishing. From there, we navigated back to Cape Eleuthera Resort and Marina for more fishing and family fun. Cape Eleuthera is one of my new favorite places since it has great fishing and fun activities for all ages. They have good food in their Harbour Pointe restaurant as well. I never had a bad meal there! The pool has a great view and fun shell hunting (which the kids love). This summer was an amazing adventure and the first time the whole family was able to spend time together as one. I hope for more times like this. As of now, I am signing off with Bahamas bliss and full heart!


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